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Corporate Identity

It is the Corporate Identity of a business that reflects its brand, quality and service.

Corporate Identity, which has a very important place both in print media and in the Digital World, includes more than one design and work.

Corporate Identity studies first start with a LOGO Design and continue as documents, letterheads, envelopes and magnets.

However, in the Digital World, it is not different from this, there are many areas where you can reflect the brand of your business or your services, and all of them are the works of the same concept based on Corporate Identity.

To give another example, your Corporate Identity Design is very important, such as the colors of your website, the cover and profile photos of your social media accounts, and your Price Offers.

As we mentioned above, the Corporate Identity design should reflect your Brand, Quality, Services and more.

For this reason, your business and your competitors should be well analyzed and uniquely powerful design studies should be done.

For example, the Color Pantone and Gradient Tram transitions to be used in the Logo Design to be made should be determined very well.

Your logo should be compatible and suitable for different printing techniques such as Offset Printing, Screen Printing, Pad Printing.

Graphic Design studies, which have the same concept as Corporate Identity, also include the work to be done within the framework of the rules set by the Corporate Identity as a standard.

To give an example of designs that are outside of the Corporate Identity, we can say Buying and Selling Offers or all digital or printed media that require banners or special designs for your website.

Graphic design deals with many design and graphic changes, especially within the business, but it follows the Corporate Identity, so that different designs are produced in the same standards without going out of the determined concept.

Be it corporate identity and graphic design, it makes the most accurate analysis and design for your business. We inform you about how these designs should be used.

UI / UX Website interface and mobile application interfaces, content visuals for your social media accounts and many more 🙂