IT Support

Facing issues with your current IT support company? EMC IT is an IT Support and Consultancy firm based in London, United Kingdom, providing remote or on-site IT support services for businesses. EMC IT has a young and dynamic team of IT professionals dedicated to Managed Services in the London area. Contact EMC IT to receive a free quote for your IT needs.

On-site IT Support in Londra

IT Support Solutions stand as a paramount need in modern business landscape. Our adept IT Support crew stands ready. For remote IT assistance, our technical team securely accesses your system, diagnosing any issues. Over 90% of IT dilemmas are usually resolved same day via remote intervention.

Network Installation

We provide IT issue management and IT analytics to enhance your business growth, elevate productivity, deliver increased value, and achieve impactful results in risk management. If you are located in London, United Kingdom and require IT support, EMC IT is here for you.

IT Project Management

IT Project management is essential to facilitate your company's digital transformation. From London, United Kingdom to all of Europe, EMC IT provides IT project management to ensure successful delivery of your IT projects.

Every 10 seconds, another business falls victim to malware infection.

Defend your business with EMC IT solutions against suspicious malware, data loss, corruption, viruses, hackers, and threats from malicious software.

IT Services safeguard your work computers, ensuring daily backups. In the event of a disaster, you can restore your data to a previous point in time with just one click.

Active Directory

Active Directory Support (AD Services) is an IT Support-based directory service utilized by Microsoft Windows for the management of resources, services, and networked computers.

Computer Repair

If you have a Linux or Windows desktop, EMC IT is here in the United Kingdom and its surroundings to provide remote or on-site IT support to assist and repair your computers whenever you need it.

Server Virtualization

We present an extensive array of Cloud Servers and Virtualization solutions to meet both your existing and upcoming IT Support and IT requirements for your business.

Database - SQL Support

Delegate SQL Server database support to the IT experts of EMC IT. We deliver round-the-clock DBA services to safeguard, enhance, and oversee your SQL Servers and Databases.

Hosted Exchange Support

Securely place your company's email, documents, calendars, and contacts in a protected cloud environment alongside your exchange servers. EMC IT offers Office 365 Business Solutions catering to businesses of various scales.

Virus & Malware Protection

Safeguard your workstations, servers, and corporate data with enterprise-level security and virus protection. EMC IT offers swift and efficient Virus and Malware cleaning options to clients in the United Kingdom.

Data Backup Solutions

Ensure business continuity with disaster recovery solutions that offer the necessary procedures and tools for swift recovery and data protection. Our streamlined, potent, and automated backup systems safeguard your business from data loss.

Remote Work Solutions

One of the most effective methods to maintain business productivity is by setting up a VPN on company or personal computers. A VPN solution like EMC IT VPN enables your employees to access the office network from anywhere they are located.

Server Migration

The Server Migration Service (SMS) offers P2V and V2V migration solutions, aiding in the seamless migration of workloads from on-premises x86 physical servers or VMs on private or public clouds to ECSs (Elastic Compute Cloud instances) on the Amazon Web Services platform.