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Search Engine Optimization

To briefly describe this term, which stands for Search Engine Optimization in English, it is a form of on-site and off-site Optimization to increase the ranking of websites in Search Engines.

In-Site Seo In other words, it covers the coding of websites and the arrangement of your website in relation to your business or industry, in accordance with the criteria and standards set by Search Engines for websites.

Off-Site Seo covers promotion and backlink work for your website to be supported by more powerful sites than yours and to send more visitors to your website.

Again, the rules determined by Search Engines cover not only on-site SEO Studies, but also off-site SEO studies.

For example, supporting your website by getting promotions and backlinks from websites that are penalized by Search Engines will do you harm.

Although there are huge differences between Seo and Google Ads, the purpose of both is to get the Website to the best position in Search Engines.

However, when the budget you have allocated for advertisements is exhausted, your website will go back to its old order or lower.

When your Google Ads ad balance runs out, your site will not appear on the Search engine. Visitors will enter the above sites and you will lose a lot of visitors.

In SEO, this situation is a little different. During Corporate SEO Studies, your website will gradually rise in the search engines, so your website will also fall back gradually.

All content on your site must be your own. Do not quote from any site. Again, the backlinks you use may contain harmful codes. In such cases, your website will not appear in search engines.