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Web Design

It is not possible for us to give the same prices to every customer, since the Web Design Prices cannot be determined beforehand and the website to be built will be designed and coded according to your company and your request.

For this reason, it will be sufficient to send an email stating the addresses of your competitors or a few websites you like, and if there are features that you want to have on your website.

You will then receive an informative email about the Technology and features to be used, including our Web Design Price Offer.

With the protocol agreement stating the transactions to be made and the responsibilities of the parties to each other, an agreement is signed in such a way that the rights of both parties are protected, and work begins.

For the Corporate Web Site Design, which will be designed with reference to the websites you have given as an example and the features you have requested, first a corporate interface design with unique and powerful graphics will be made.

When your website is finished, the interface design that will give you information about how it will look will be sent to you for approval.

If there is a change and revision you want to be made on it, the changes on the draft will continue until you like and approve the interface design.

After you approve the Interface Design, the process is the coding of SEO Compatible, W3C Google standards, AMP supported fast mobile pages.

Unless there is a special request, websites are configured to be coded in PHP software language and hosted on Linux servers.

You can see some of the technologies we use in Web Site Design right below, if you wish, you can test your website with Speed, Performance, and SEO tools such as Google Speed insights, Gtmetrix and Pingdom after Web Site Design is finished.

In our previous article, we gave you examples of free testing tools. After checking these speed and performance scores, which are very important to search engines, and getting the best results, we deliver your website to you.

In addition, the tests of the functions and features on the site are checked in detail and their operability is tested.

Some integrations made by us to make the new Web Site Design, whose design and coding is finished, 100% Compatible with Search Engines.

  • W3C Google Standards
  • AMP Supported Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Cache Verification Integration
  • Minimum DNS Redirects
  • JS Parsing
  • Creation of the Google Analytics domain
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.Xml settings
  • Placement of tags such as H1, H2, and H3
  • And more