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A project formed by the right strategy, analysis and goals constitutes one of the most important processes of a successful web design.

The sector in which the company operates is analyzed. It is decided how to publish pictures, explanations, technical documents, references and similar information and documents about the products or services on the site.

Related websites are searched. The domain name and hosting needs of the website are determined. The website is designed in line with the information obtained from the analysis.

After the creation of the website, the platform and technologies for the project are decided.

First, it is decided whether the site will be designed with flash or html.

If it will be designed with php or asp languages, the database systems are decided. Example: acces, mysql, mssql, oracle

Our customers sometimes prefer ready-made scripts.

Studies such as theme selection or theme design from scratch, plugin compatibility come into play.

The works we receive the most orders for are the original coding works in, php, asp, Java, Ajax, Javascript languages.

Choosing color palettes, designing logos, banners and visual elements to be used on the site is one of the most important steps of web design projects.

This process, which generally works with the guidance of graphic and web designers, is shaped by taking the ideas of our customers.

It is planned how all your content will be uploaded to the website and which information will be stored in which media.
Creating a database after determining how to establish an interactive communication with visitors.
It is very important that the admin panel and the content management system are programmed and that the user side is easy to manage. These are scheduled and shown to you as you continue the software process.

After the Software Process is completed, Browser tests, speed tests, stress test if necessary, wrong or broken links on the site are checked.

Tests such as checking compliance with web standards, testing in all screen resolutions are carried out.

Keywords are highlighted on the site, which is coded and designed in accordance with the logic of search engines, and registrations are made with search engines such as google, yahoo, msn.

After the trainings on the site’s admin panel and content management, the site is delivered to our customer.


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